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Your business deserves our full attention and best efforts.  With AOA, you will have it, as we design the unique plans needed to fit your business's unique problems, needs, and structures. 
Here are a few of the many business services we provide: 

  • Executive Compensation: The intelligent use of financial instruments within the proper strategies can provide tax-efficient executive compensation plans that fit the rules of the "IRS Code" and human nature as well. The result? Sound plans than help you attract and keep the best talent, and provide the smartest and fullest compensation for you. After all, isn't the question not what you earn, but what you get to keep? Contact AOA for a free confidential analysis.
  • Retirement Plans:  In recent years, changes in tax laws mean that almost any type of business can have almost any type of retirement plan.  Is yours the best for you, as the owner, partner, or key executive?  We let you know in as little as four business days.  If it turns out that there is a better plan for you with faster accumuation and better tax advantages, then the changeover is simple and tax-free.  Why not find out?  All we need to get started is a simple census form, and our services are free.
  • Leveraged Retirement: Are you plodding away, slowly jumping over the small obstacle of each month's retirement plan contribution? Wouldn't it be better to POLE VAULT now to a really large sum in a retirement plan for you? And, wouldn't it be great for your business to get a tax deduction at the same time, and for the same transaction? And, wouldn't it be better, for your cash flow, to do all that for possibly less outlay than you are doing now? In addition to all that, would you prefer Tax-Free retirement income? The first step to your own personal Pole Vault is to schedule a free, confidential consultation with an AOA Representative. What is your cost of delay?
  • Business Succession and Transition: Business Succession and Transition can be a mine field for you and your heirs, if not done properly. If done properly, a good plan of succession or transition can be a great stress-reliever. Are you prepared? Are you sure? Here are few of the myriad questions that can arise when you or your partners sell, step aside, become disabled or incapacitated, exercise a buy-sell, or die: How much will the IRS demand? What is the true valuation of the business? How will the buy-sell be funded? Will my children get a fair shake from my partner's spouse? Only one of my children want to run the business; how can I equalize the inheritance for all my children? How can I make sure my spouse gets a fair share? Who will run the business if I become disabled? If I retire, what happens to the value of the business? These are only a few of the many questions that can arise and need to be answered for a successful business transition or succession. What are your questions? Consult with your AOA Representative to begin the process of planning to relieve your stress on this subject.
  • Key Person Insurance protects your business against the loss it will incur if one of your key people dies.  AOA is expert in valuing the services of key people, and structuring the very best, most efficient insurance program to protect against that possible loss.  Contact us now.  Delay costs you money.  Can you afford to wait?

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Our Commitment
At AOA, we treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. We guarantee realistic, honest advice that achieves results. We will lead you on a course to financial freedom. Our years of experience and notable expertise ensure that your financial future is in good hands.  Our First Rule is "The Client comes first."

Our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. We bring unparalleled creativity to developing your Unique Life Path.  When you tell us where you are, and where you want to go, we chart the best course between the two. This means a better life for you and your family, and better long-term results for your business and your retirement.

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