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You want to retire like you want to retire, but what's the best path to that?  AOA can help you achieve Retirement As You Like ItTM, with powerful strategies.  Here are a few of the powerful strategies that AOA can use in the service of your retirement:
·        IRA Conversion:  You can convert your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA, for tax-free withdrawals. But, conversion is taxable. Is there a way to do that without out-of-pocket cost?  Yes - with AOA’s strategy, you can convert your traditional IRA to a Roth without out-of-pocket cost.
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·         Stretch IRA: If you don’t need one of your IRA's during retirement, and don't expect to use it up, then what's the best way to leave it to your heirs?  If you do nothing, then the IRS can take a severe bite out of what you really want to go to your heirs.  AOA's  Stretch IRA strategy not only fixes the problem, but also can expand the result for your heirs. Your IRA can continue for subsequent generations, earning tax-deferred, compound growth.  Is a "Stretch" right for you?  Contact AOA for a confidential review. Click here to contact AOA.

·      Leveraged IRAHelp your alma mater, your heirs, and yourself, with LIRA.   LIRA moves money from eventually-taxable (to you or your heirs) to completely tax-free for your heirs, while providing tax-free retirement income to you, and endowing your alma mater, within the same strategy.  Get more info on LIRA

Leveraged Retirement:
  Can you safely accelerate the growth of your retirement funds?  Yes, with Leveraged Retirement.  AOA's liquidity facility funds the purchase of a specialized life insurance policy or annuity through your business (no personal liability in most cases).  Now, the large amount earns compound interest from the beginning, while your business pays simple interest and gets a tax deduction.  The result?  For the same input, you have a much larger output at retirement.*Is Leveraged Retirement™ right for me? Click here to find out more.  


    You want to provide college funding for your children or grandchildren, but what's the best way?  You've heard about 529 Plans, but know there are lots of rules and restrictions.  What if you die before the accumulation is complete in the 529 Plan?  What if your child or grandchild gets a scholarship and doesn't need the §529 funds?  How do you get the funds out without penalty? AOA's College Funding is your answer:

·    AOA's College Funding:  Q: What's better than a §529 Plan?  A: AOA’s College Funding Plan, with: 1) No limits on input; 2) Tax-free accumulation and withdrawals; 3) No penalties, or income tax on withdrawals; 4) As you wish-- Unused funds can be used as you wish, without penalty (if your children or grandchildren get scholarships, for example);  4) Any purpose- You can make withdrawals for any purpose;  5) Maximum funds available for tuition and other uses, even  if you die prematurely, before you have finished your accumulation. Get info on College Funding.

These are examples of the many innovative, safe financial strategies available through Agency of America, Inc.

 *Leveraged Retirement™ is a trademark of Global Financial Distributors


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