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Your Home - It's More Than That

Can we agree that your home is more than just a home?  It's the vessel of your children's childhood memories for the rest of their lives.  It contains all your irreplaceable keepsakes.

If it burned to the ground...  Well, that would be a devastating loss.  However, your fire insurance would probably cover the loss so you could rebuild.  If there were no injury or loss of life, your family would still be intact.

But, what would happen if nothing happened to your house, but something happened to YOU?  Suppose you, the breadwinner, died prematurely and unexpectedly.  Soon, your family might face loss of their home through foreclosure.

A house fire is actually few and far between.  However, we will all die.  We just don't know when.

Doesn't it make sense to protect your family's home against that possibility?

And sense the life insurance policy that would be used to do that can also serve as a college funding source, and a retirement income source (assuming yuou live a long time), then where's the downside?

Well, there isn't any, and delay is costing you money.  
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