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  1. Make a will.  This is an often-overlooked step, but an obvious one.  AOA can help you, in consultation with your other advisors, in setting up tax-wise funding for some of the elements of your will.
  2. Are Trusts Needed:  With changes in the tax code in the offing, trusts are becoming more important than ever.  We may see a reduction in the estate tax exemption.  That makes various types of trusts especially important for married couples, such as the A-B trust.  AOA can assist in repositioning assets in a tax-wise fashion so that your trusts function for you in the best possible fashion.
  3. Power of Attorney:  If you become incapacitated, you will need a trusted person to carry out your wishes.  That person should be armed with a Durable Power of Attorney.  By engaging in planning ahead of time with AOA's assistance, your financial picture can be arranged so that your trusted person finds it easier to carry out your wishes. 
  4. Health Care Directives:  Now that Obamacare has taken effect, a living will, or "health care directive" becomes especially important.  Health care costs can debilitate and bleed your estate, impoverishing those whom you most want to protect.   Health care directives can help prevent that.  The essential documents include: a Helath Care Power of Attorney, a Health Care Directive (also known as a "living will").  Depending on your state of residence, these two documents are rolled into one, referred to as an "Advanced Health Care Directive".
  5. Planning for Your Heirs:  You want to take care of your children, grandchildren and/or other intended heirs, but how, exactly?  AOA is a specialist in designing plans that pass the maximum to your intended heirs, while minimizing the legally-required estate taxes and probate costs.
  6. Avoiding Probate:  Probate need not rope in all of your assets.  There are many techniques that can be used to keep assets out of probate.  Probate can be costly and very time-consuming.  AOA can help by suggesting ways to reposition, convert, and protect assets.
  7. Use the Big Protector -- Life Insurance.  Life Insurance used properly can provide liquidity for estate tax purposes.  Used improperly, life insurance can actually add to the problem and size of estate taxes.  AOA can provide experienced counsel on best uses of life insurance in Estate Planning.
  8. Keep and Continue What You Worked For:  Your business is a major part of your legacy.  AOA can help you be sure that it continues in the fashion that you wish.  Read more about the subject of busisness continuation at this link.


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