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Your business deserves our full attention and best efforts.  With AOA, you will have it, as we design the unique plans needed to fit your business's unique problems, needs, and structures.  One of the main life-time hurdles facing any entrepreneur is the problem of business succession.  What happens when the grass starts looking greener on the Retirement Side of the river.  What will happen to the business if you were to unexpectedly pass on to your reward?  If that matters to you, then the topics below are important for your best outcome.
AOA provides a full range of services for:

  • Executive Compensation:  Reward and retain your key people, including yourself as Owner, for maximum long-term productivity.  Innovative Non-Qualified plans from AOA can provide more bang for your bonus buck.  That means that your business succession plan can rest on a solid foundation of quality staff when you take off to go fishin'.


  • Pension Plans:  AOA is expert at providing the BEST pension plan for your small business.  From Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution, and everything in between, AOA can provide expert free analyis to recommend to you the best plan for your business.  The best pension plan means you can happily clip your coupons wherever you choose to "go fishin".  It also means you can leave behind the best people turning the crank at the business, because you had the best pension plans to attract them in the first place.


  • Buy-Sell Agreement Funding:  If one of your partners dies, then what?  Will you wind up being partners with his or her spouse, ex-spouse, or children?  What then?  Will things go as smoothly?  Is that what you want?  Worse yet, what if the deceased partner has an estate tax problem?  The IRS might want to sell off part of the business, or the whole thing, to settle the partner's estate tax bill.  AOA can help you to find a satisfactory, stress-free solution so you can sleep better at night.  After all, better sleep means better productivity, and doesn't that help your bottom line?


  • Business Transition:  Maybe you are thinking about kicking back.  You've worked hard all your life, and now it's time to appreciate the rewards.  Okay, so what does that mean, exactly, and how do you go about it?  What's the best, most cost-efficient, and tax-wise way?  If you are thinking about an outright sale of the business, how much do you want the IRS to have?  If you want the business to continue in the family, how do you handle the thorny problem of equalizing the inheritance for your heirs?  One gets the business, and the other gets -- what?  AOA is expert in solving these riddles in ways that satisfy you and all the other parties involved, while keeping the IRS at bay.


  • Leveraged Retirement: Maybe you were at the point where you would have "transitioned" a while ago, but your retirement funding wasn't where it should have been.   Now you are facing another ten years of work until retirement appears feasible for you.  Through the Power of NowTM , AOA can help you boost the expected amount of your future retirement income immediately, without increasing the dollar outlay that you are already doing. How is that possible? The secret ingredient is Leveraged Retirement. Watch our video on Leveraged Retirement now, to get a an overview of this remarkable tool.
    Next, click here to contact us for a quiet, free, face-to-face consultation, as the first step to a better retirement right now. The cost of delay is huge. Can you afford to wait?

Business transition is just one of the many aspects of assistance and advice that AOA can provide to you in finding your Unique Life PathTM -- the shortest distance between where you are financially and where you want to be.  The first step on that path is a quiet, confidential, free sit-down with your AOA Representatives.  Click here to contact us now.


Our Commitment
At AOA, we treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. We guarantee realistic, honest advice that achieves results. We will lead you on a course to financial freedom. Our years of experience and notable expertise ensure that your financial future is in good hands.  Our First Rule is "The Client comes first."

Our consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust. We bring unparalleled creativity to developing your Unique Life Path.  When you tell us where you are, and where you want to go, we chart the best course between the two. This means a better life for you and your family, and better long-term results for your business and your retirement.

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