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About Agency of America, Inc. ("AOA")

AOA is a full-service, multi-line,
interstate agency for:

Personal Financial Planning, including:
   - Immediate Improvement through the Power of NowTM;
   - College Funding with powerful plans that self-complete, 
      provide excellent tax-free growth, tax-free and penalty-free
       withdrawals, and can be used for any purpose.
    - Complete financial protection through innovative and state-
       of-the-art life insurance and annuity products.

Retirement Planning, including:
    - Leveraged Retirement - more retirement, same cost;
    - Maximizing your Social Security - the Seven Keys;
    - Annuity Arbitrage - little cost, large income and coverage;
    - Pension Max - rolling out to rollup more money & control;
    - IRA Max - how to stretch for a maximum legacy;
    - Roth Max - convert to Roth with out-of-pocket cost;
    - And many more innovative ways to maximize retirement;
    - Planning for healthcare costs and disability.

Business Planning, including:
    - Executive Compensation and Bonus Plans;
    - Pension plan rollovers to max out with the new laws;
    - Business Transition plans for succession and buy-sell;
    - Leveraged Retirement for businesses.

Estate Planning, including:
    - Estate Max - maximize your estate right now;
    - Estate planning in coordination with your other advisors;
    - Preparing for the worst -- the I. R. S.;
    - Asset positioning to minimize estate taxes and probate;
    - How best to take care of those you love when you leave;
    - Leaving a legacy with charitable giving.

Our Executive Team is fully prepared, experienced, and trained to serve your best interests.  Our first rule is: if we cannot improve your situation, then we will let you know, and recommend that you hold what you have, while you seek further advice.

AOA is an independent agency.  As such, we have access to many financial institutions, and are not beholden to one or a even a few.  Rather, we have the freedom to seek the absolute best financial solution for you.  This means that our consultations with you are always free.  You will not have to pay us for our time, our travel, or for "annual management fees". 

Rather, AOA is paid only if we are able to serve you with a solution that meets your needs, but even then, you don't pay us.  We will be paid by the firms whose products and services form parts of the solution that you and your advisors approve.

To begin the process of building your best solution, contact AOA for a confidential consultation by clicking the link below:

Contact the AOA Executive Team.

Agency of America, Inc.
2530 Meridian Parkway. Suite 200
Durham, NC 27713
1-(800) 545-9440

Carlton E. Thornton, Jr.
Senior Vice President of Retirement Services and Estate Planning
Office Direct: (919) 928-5344, Ext. 3
800-545-9440, Ext. 3
Cell: (434) 865-4008

Hab Baker III
President and Chief Executive Officer
Office Direct: (919) 928-5344, Ext. 2
800-545-9440, Ext. 2
Cell: (434) 774-0713



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